Weekly Check In 3/28/2015

This is my last March Update.  This month has really flown by for me.  There has been so much that has happened.  I’m not sure what my schedule will be in the upcoming month, so I’m not going to select a particular day that my check ins will come out in April, but I will try to keep it to either Saturday, Sunday, or at the latest Monday, and I will do my best to make them weekly.

This past week, there wasn’t one big thing like in the previous two weeks, but several fun, small things.  Wednesday was this pup’s birthday:


He turned twelve.  I’m sure that face is saying, “I’m how old?!?”  As per our tradition with our dogs, I took him out on a special trip to our local Petco, where he got to pick out some treats, get loved on by the employees, and mark his territory on the outside of the building.  Then, when we got home, we shared the goodies with our other dog who was deeply miffed that we left her.  All was forgotten when the cookies came out, though.

Thursday, I had a wonderful visit with a missions organization, but I think I will explain that further in an upcoming blog post.  Stay tuned.

Friday evening, Michael and I went over to a friend’s house for dinner.  They have two girls in elementary school, and it was so much fun to hang out for the night.  It was a much needed night of relaxation and catching up.  The girls ran upstairs after dessert and were blasting and singing along to the latest pop hits.  Michael and I were very entertained.  We loved every minute with them.

Then, on Saturday, I went back to the SPCA for more animal behavior training.  This particular class was about training tips and particular things they want each dog to learn to make them more adoptable.  This place has some of the sweetest dogs, and they are always getting adopted left and right.  I love being a part of such a wonderful program, and this next month I will be working directly with the behaviorists to create a volunteer track for other volunteers who are interested in training dogs within the shelter.  It’s going to be so much fun!

This next part is a bit TMI, so if you want to stop here, it’s all good.  My menstrual cycle started on Saturday.  Each time it starts, I have a little sadness that goes along with it.  I think these are the times it’s hardest for me to deal with losing my daughter.  The pain is no joke either.  My doctor put me on a strict medication regiment to hopefully get it under control, but I was up and down all night Saturday into Sunday.  I hope as each month passes, this gets easier (or I get pregnant).  For now, I just have to rely on God’s strength and comfort until I get to the other side of it.

Ok, TMI is over.  I hope you all have had a good week.  I will check in again in April.  Stay tuned for some blog posts coming this week!


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