2015 goals – April Update

Well, to be honest, this hasn’t been the most productive month as far as my goals are going.  And I think I’m going to be tweaking some for the rest of the year.  The big news, in case you missed my post yesterday, is that I have a new job, one that will be outside of my home.  So that completely changes what my schedule will be for the future, so I need to adjust my goals accordingly

A Better Relationship with God

  1. Start a personal morning Bible study – Even though I enjoyed Nancy Guthrie’s bible study at the beginning of the year, I want to continue what I have been doing through this month of March, which was to pick daily verses to meditate on each morning.  I get my verse suggestions from the YouVersion app, one of the devotionals on there.  I copy the verses and reflect, which has worked really well.  Probably by May I will be ready for a structured study again, though.  We shall see.
  2. Maintain a personal prayer journal – Still going pretty strong with this one, even though I spent a lot of March weekends traveling.

Honoring My Husband

  1. Show intentional love to my husband every day – This month has been really easy for this goal.  We spent a lot of time together on the weekends, one for my brother’s wedding and the other on a couples retreat.  We have had such good conversations this month, and I look forward to seeing how our marriage will grow in April.
  2. Have weekly prayer times specifically directed about my husband – I was actually hesitant to find a good schedule in March, knowing I was going to have to adjust to a new schedule in April.  I’m hoping with the work outside the home that I will find a different structure to work with and that this goal will become easier.

Living A Healthier Life

  1. Start running again – With all the travel, I didn’t run much, however I did work on cardio both weekends we traveled by taking advantage of the gyms at the hotel.  I have a new strategy this coming month that I hope will work, but until I really see what kind of schedule I am working with, I’m going to hold off on the details for now.
  2. Eat healthier and drink more water – This has been a lot better.  Even when we were traveling, my diet was still pretty consistent.  Water intake also increased this month to at least 5 cups a day.

Get My House in Order

  1. Find a good home schedule that allows me less time cleaning and more time with family – This is probably the goal that is most affected by the new job.  I will be trying different things this month, and will share what works best.
  2. Work on projects set aside in the kitchen, library, and master bedroom – Still on the back burner for now, but I’m making progress in planning

Become a Better Employee at my Job

Since I have a new job, I guess the only thing I am focused on right now is learning the ropes at the new job.  I hope maybe in the upcoming months some goals will surface, but for now, I’m just new at all of it.

Being Involved in my Community

  1. Volunteer with the SPCA – I did some volunteer work and took classes this month on a track to becoming a behavior volunteer.  I hope to have even more time now that I’m at a part time job
  2. Focus on better and earlier fundraising ideas for the Alzheimer’s Association – I didn’t do this probably due to the transition time between jobs in addition to all my travel.  I think I will start more focus on this in May

Developing Personal Time

  1. Explore a new (or old) hobby each every other month – So, I’m starting to collect unfinished hobbies (could that count as a hobby?).  I started a jigsaw puzzle and worked on my cross stitch this month, but didn’t finish either project.  This next month I will be putting in my garden, so I will be handling three hobbies.  I think for the month of May I will just play catch up to everything.  I’m hoping that with my new schedule I will be able to devote more time to focus on this goal.
  2. Schedule a pamper/relaxation time each month – For March, I had a wonderful facial at the beginning of the month.  I think for the month of April I will try to fit a pedicure on a weekend now that the weather has finally warmed up.

So, March may have been a bit of a let down, but I kinda knew that was going to happen due to all the transitions and travel.  I’m not sure what April will bring, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!


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