Weekly Check In March 30th through April 5th

This past week was jammed full of activities and experiences.  That is partially why I’m not actually writing this post until Tuesday of the next week.  I think I will be doing these on Tuesdays for this month.  I’m trying to carve out a new schedule that fits with all the new things going on in my life.

So, to begin, last Monday (March 30th) was my last day at the law firm.  It was, of course, bittersweet.  I worked through most of the day.  It was quite chaotic.  And then at the end of the day, I said goodbye to my boss and coworkers.  Tears were shed, but I couldn’t help but to be excited for the new adventures coming.

Tuesday was my inbetween day, my day of actual unemployment, which I spent cleaning my house.  I knew the coming week and weekend were going to be busy, so I took that opportunity to just give my house a good scrub.  I’m really glad, in hindsight, that I did that because our week just got steadily more crazy.

Then, Wednesday, I began my new job at the missions organization.  It was April Fools Day, so of course it started off with a spray of silly string.  I don’t think I have stopped smiling at work or at home.  I’m so blessed to work with such an amazing group of people.  Plus, my little organizational heart is so happy.  I’ve spent this first week organizing digitally and around the office.

Friday night, my small group participated in the Passover.  We had delicious lamb and bitter herbs and everything in between.  We each had a role to say certain things.  It was cool to incorporate the traditions of the Passover with the coming of Christ.

Saturday, Michael and I went over to our framily’s (friends that are family) house to celebrate her little one’s first birthday.  She has three precious boys, and I love so much to spend time with them.  After we got home from the party, I worked for an hour with my neighbor’s puppy.  He’s a pitbull mix who has a lot of energy and very little discipline, so I worked on the basics with him.  By the end, he was doing pretty well with a loose leash, and sitting about 75% of the time.  I’m hoping to really hone his skills in the future.  Since I’m training with the SPCA as a behavior volunteer, I’m hoping to learn some skills that will help me work with him.  Here’s a picture, which you will see why I would be willing to work with him. He’s just too cute!


Sunday was, of course, Easter.  Our church family did something different during the service for Easter.  At the end of the sermon, about 10 members each service shared their testimony through the cardboard testimonies.  Here’s an example of a cardboard testimony if you haven’t seen it.  I shared my testimony in two of the services. I don’t remember what the first side said, but it was something to the effect of defining myself in a worldly purpose.  And the flip side said “Found Truth in God’s Purpose.”  There were a lot of amazing stories that were shared, and they had a profound impact on me.

Sunday evening, we went to a dinner in honor of some kids from Canada who came down with their minister for the LTC program held here in Dallas on Easter weekend.  It’s basically a program for kids and teens that have various categories that the kids can enter – art, sign language, bible quizzes and bible bowl.  It’s a fun way for them to learn about God and show their talents to honor His Kingdom.  The kids from Canada come from a rough neighborhood, with lots of drugs and prostitution.  Most of them come from broken families.  So it was neat to see their reactions to being among a large group of their peers who all had a faith in Christ.  I take for granted sometimes, growing up in the South, just how much I have been blessed to be surrounded by so many Christ followers in my daily life.

So, that, in a nutshell, was my week.  I’m sure I’m leaving things out.  My head is still spinning, still processing from the week.  It was a lot of awesome for one week.  I hope you all had a good one too, and I will check in with you next week!


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