Weekly Check In – April 6th to April 12th

It’s time for another weekly check in, however, this one might be my last consistent one for a while.  I kinda figured that this would happen.  In fact, about a day or two after my last weekly check in, I thought about going back and editing it to say it then, but then I thought, why not do just one more week?

I’m not quitting altogether.  It’s just with the new job and the new volunteer opportunities at the SPCA, as well as some side projects, my hands are getting full.  I want to make sure I have time to really focus on my intentional goals, so I’m just going to cut back on doing the check ins.  I still plan to write my blog posts, and if there are any big events or news to share, no doubt I will share that with you.

So, like I said, this week has been really busy.  I’ve been preparing my new bosses for a weekend mission training lab that they are leading.  I’ve been working with the SPCA on behavior training, as well as working with a dog in our neighborhood (next weekend it will be two dogs).  Michael is about to go into another smaller version of a busy season at work, so this weekend we had a lot of fun going out.

Saturday night, he grilled out.  I have to say, he makes the best steak.  It’s just perfect.  After dinner, we headed to Downtown McKinney to a place called Emporium Pies.  We have been meaning to go for a while, but never really had the opportunity.  It was so good.  I had a french silk chocolate pie with pretzel crust and Michael had a bourbon pecan with shortbread.  It was amazing!


The whole downtown area was open late for their Second Saturday stuff, meaning there were artists selling their wares all over the square.  There was also a wine tasting event, but we got there too late for that.  We were there for the pies anyway.

Sunday night, our small group went to the Pocket Sandwich Theater in Dallas.  It was so fun.  They serve dinner there (sandwiches of course) and dessert during intermission.  However, during the show, they give you a basket of popcorn to throw at the stage (especially when the bad guys are doing dastardly things!).  It was a neat experience, and I hope that Michael and I will find time to go back again!

So, that was really a brief overview of my week.  It’s been busy, but I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’m tired every night when my head hits the pillow, and I wake up every morning excited for the day.  I am truly blessed and thankful for every opportunity.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Check In – April 6th to April 12th”

  1. That pie looks simply amazing!
    Thank you for ‘checking in’ once in awhile, even though you’re busy! It’s nice to hear what you’re up to!! 🙂

  2. Michael sure does make a great steak!

    It’s too bad you weren’t here this past week. We could have used some of your doggie expertise. We were puppy sitting (literally he’s a puppy, not like how I call Oreo a puppy, haha) and the puppy was just so… so… well, puppy, haha! Every time he would drive us a little bit crazy we’d just remind ourselves that he was young and didn’t know better. I had to brush up on my puppy training skills because it has been forever since we’ve been around a dog that young. Christopher kept looking over at Oreo and saying “Oreo, I really love you. You are the best dog there ever was.” He was cracking me up because while Christopher does really like Oreo, he isn’t normally so sappy about it. It’s funny how having a new pup in the house who isn’t used to your routine makes you thankful for a pet who is well adjusted and lazy. 😉

    1. Yes, working with other dogs sometimes does remind me just how good my pup-a-lups are! Puppies are so sweet, but they gotta be cute because they are quite the handful! 🙂

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