2015 Goals – May Update

I kind of figured this would happen after my new job.  I wanted to take the month of April to really focus on what goals will work and what goals don’t really fit with my new schedule.  It turns out that I can pare down each category to one goal.


A Better Relationship with God

  1. Start a personal morning Bible study
  2. Maintain a personal prayer journal
  1. Take time each morning and night to spend with God. – In this new goal, I am basically putting the two goals together. I want to continue doing my meditating on a verse each morning for my Bible Study, and continue my prayer journal at night.

Honoring My Husband

  1. Have weekly prayer times specifically directed about my husband–In order to really be intentional about this, I’ve decided to make this a monthly thing for now instead of weekly and perhaps build up to this.  It’s really about just taking that time to be in specific prayer for my husband, his work, our marriage, and our journey together.  We have also started having pretty regular “talk times” where we catch up with where we are, what we have going on separately, as well as any plans we have for future months.

Living A Healthier Life

  1. Start running again
  2. Eat healthier and drink more water
  1. Live a more active life – Since I started working with the SPCA and with dogs in our neighborhood, I am more active than I was when I was trying to get back into to running. I’m all over the place with the dogs, and I truly enjoy the workout.  Also, in order for me to be this active, I’ve altered my meals to incorporate more vegetables and whole grains.  I started baking again, made excellent crepes this past week and banana bread.  I have more fruit on hand, and I even bought a basic water diffuser pitcher that I add fresh fruit and herbs to in order to help add taste instead of using water enhancers.

Get My House in Order

  1. Find a good home schedule that allows me less time cleaning and more time with family
  2. Work on projects set aside in the kitchen, library, and master bedroom– I want to focus more on these projects this summer, as my summer schedule should give me more time to do so.


Being Involved in my Community

  1. Volunteer with the SPCA– I have been volunteering every week as a behavior volunteer.  I work with particular dogs each week to help them be available to be adopted.  I also work with dogs in my neighborhood, which I love doing so much.
  2. Focus on better and earlier fundraising ideas for the Alzheimer’s Association– I still plan to fundraise for the Alzheimer Walk, but I’m giving the lead to my husband for this project.  We have already begun discussing some ideas for this summer, and we look forward to raising money for this cause.

Developing Personal Time

  1. Explore a new (or old) hobby each every other month– Who saw this coming?  It went well for a month, but then it steadily declined ever since.  Then, my dog ate puzzle pieces and I just about gave up.  Then, I realized that if I stop trying to add to my schedule every month, I can pursue the hobbies I already enjoy – gardening, reading, blogging, and working with dogs.  All of these things keep me quite busy (and the okra plants are already starting to grow!)
  2. Schedule a pamper/relaxation time each month– I’m doing pretty well on this one.  April, I went one Sunday and got a pedicure at my favorite nail spa.  This next month, what plan I had in place has fallen through, so I’m not sure what I will do, but we shall see!

I knew I would probably revise these goals eventually (I usually do another goal setting measure in June around my birthday).  I didn’t realize it would happen this early, though.  I have to say, however, that I am so content and happy with my life right now.  There is a part of me that is afraid to say that because it’s usually about the time we feel this way that something else happens in our lives to bring in the chaos, but I’m really happy with the choices I’ve made and where God is leading me.  I’m excited every morning to get out of bed and take on the day.  There are always new challenges and new adventures.  I guess, no matter what I tend to get accomplished, I’m thankful.  Check in again with you in June with another 2015 update!


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