Fasting from Possession

This month has been pretty eventful for me.  There have been work functions, volunteer opportunities, travel, and several in between things.  However, there were two things that took up a large chunk of the month of May.

The first was a car accident.  Now, the actual accident happened at the end of April, but the repair part of it happened in the middle of May.  During that time I had a rental car to get me to and from work.

The second was the foster puppy who lived with us for two weeks.  I mentioned her in my previous post.  Working with her took up every free moment of my time during those two weeks.  Even though I enjoyed working with her, I was glad to spend some time with my husband and dogs this week.

In both of these situations, I was entrusted with something that wasn’t mine for a very short time.  When I referred to the rental car and the foster puppy, I made sure not to describe them as mine, especially with the foster puppy because she would have never left our home if I started calling her my puppy, even my foster puppy, on a regular basis.

I realized, however, that nothing is really ours on this earth.  Everything we are entrusted with, one day we will have to give back or leave behind.  I don’t really think of myself as someone who clings to my material things, but I still think that they can become a part of my identity and affect how I interact with the world.

So, I have decided to fast from the “possessive” for the month of June.  This means, that I will not use the words “my”, “mine”, or “belongs to me”.  There are a few exceptions.  One, if the word or phrase is in a song, then I will say it, of course.  Two, if there is a particular situation in public where it will convey necessary information to a business (like talking about my car accident with insurance companies).  And three, in reference to relationships (like my mom, or my dad).  Although I will try not to, I can understand when these might come up in conversation.

Also, my birthday (or the day I was born) is in the month of June.  I might give myself that day to not think about it, but it will be in the middle of the month, so I might have a handle on it by then.

Basically, I just want to see if changing my language also changes my perception.  I hope to no longer see things in this world as mine, but instead see them as gifts that God has entrusted to me for a little while, still taking care of them, but not clinging to them or using them as part of my identity.

Wish me luck.  I encourage you to try this along with me, even if it’s just for a day, and let me know your experience with fasting from possession.


3 thoughts on “Fasting from Possession”

  1. Wow, what a challenge! This will definitely put basic everyday things we refer to as “ours” into perspective.

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