2015 July Update

This past month, I focused more on the fasting attempt from posession and birthday stuff, so I wasn’t quite as intentional about these goals as I have been in the past. Anyway, here’s the update!

A Better Relationship with God

  1. Take time each morning and night to spend with God. – Still going strong with this.  Sometimes it’s just a brief thought, sometimes it is a page or two long.  Much like the ebb and flow of my relationship with God, always there in some degree.

Honoring Marriage

  1. Have prayer times specifically directed about Michael – To be honest, this past month has been not quite as good about intentional awareness.  However, I realized how the previous months have helped me become more organically aware of spending time with him, doing things that he wants to do, and keeping him in prayer during more stressful seasons in his work.

Living A Healthier Life

  1. Live a more active life – I still have a weight regimen and yoga interspersed through the month.  I find that when I have a foster dog in the home, it’s more difficult to have yoga time or really any personal time.  I want to incorporate more dog walks this month.

Get The House in Order

  1. Work on projects set aside in the kitchen, library, and master bedroom – Still working on finding time to complete the kitchen.  Since June and July are both birthday months for Michael and me, I think the projects will be put on hold during this time.  However, that doesn’t mean the creative wheels aren’t turning!

Being Involved in the Community

  1. Volunteer with the SPCA– I have now had three fosters in the home, which has been awesome.  I have also attended a seminar this past month to help me work with the dogs in new ways.  Michael and I are gearing up for some Alzheimer fundraisers coming out in the next couple of months.

Developing Personal Time

  1. Schedule a pamper/relaxation time each month– The last week of June, I scheduled a hot stone massage.  I spent a bit more than normal, but it was a birthday gift to me, so I let it slide.  The lady was awesome, and the spa was near home, so it was kind of exciting to find this gem.  I hope to go back to them in the future.

Well, on to July we go!  How was your June?


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