My August Monthly Planner Spread

I really appreciate all the feedback I got from my Planner Addict post.  I told you in my Thank You post that I wanted to share more of my life here.  One of the ways I’m going to share my life with you is to show you various spreads in my planner.  Not only is it a way to share my planning passion, but it also can let you know a little bit about what has been going on in my life.  Today I’m going to show you my August Month Spread, how it was completely filled out.

DSC_0083 (3)

So the month started with an Adoption Counseling class at the SPCA.  I had to take it so that I could help with the Clear the Shelter day later in the month.  I wanted to be as versatile as possible that day because I knew it would be busy.  I already have other certifications like Animal Handling, Behavior and Fostering.  Then, my grandfather passed away, and I headed to where the funeral was that next weekend.  Of course, the next weekend was Clear the Shelter day (which I kept calling it the Clear Out the Shelter day) which you can read about here.  We also started attending a house church the second half of the month, which has been an amazing experience.  We do all sorts of things together, including the ice cream outing and the girls night planned for tonight.  There is also a kitchen remodel in there that I will talk about next week.

I had some monthly goals which I completed but have checked off yet.  I created a blogging schedule for work and prepared a social media strategy for a meeting I had this month.  I also started fundraising for Alzheimer’s Association this week, which you can read about more here.

I’m not completely sure how I want to use my monthly spreads in my calendar.  Right now, I’m just using it to keep up with things that reoccur (like birthdays) and also big events that have happened that month.  I am much more detailed in my weekly spreads. Because everything was mostly happening on the weekends this month, I filled the spaces with owl and flower sticker decorations that I had left over that seem to go well with the color scheme.

How do you use your monthly spread?  Are you more of a monthly, weekly, or daily planner person?


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