Look What She Can Do!

I was outside in my front yard talking to my neighbor.  I left the door to the house open, and all of the sudden my rat terrier, Jerzee, was standing right next to me.  My neighbor was impressed at how well she just stood near me.  I said it was because she knew where her cookies were coming from, but to be honest, Jerzee makes me look really good as a dog owner/trainer.  She just understands a lot of things.

Well, my neighbor told me that I needed to record some of the tricks she does, so today I thought I would show you some of the first tricks she learned to do.  I might do this from time to time in the future as well.  A lot of her “tricks” are really just understanding words, but there are a few things she will do on command.

Anyway, without further ado, here is Jerzee the fire safety dog!

She has the coloring of a Dalmatian, do you think she could pass for one?

Does your dog do any quirky tricks?

2 thoughts on “Look What She Can Do!

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