3 Reasons I Love Working With the SPCA

I wrote about the Clear the Shelter day back in August.  I wanted to expand a little bit on why I work specifically with the SPCA organization.  To share my experience on why I love working with them.  Why I plan to continue indefinitely to be involved with this organization one way or another.


First of all, I love working with the SPCA because they equip you.  I’ve worked with other Animal Welfare Organizations, but I’ve not had the training that I have had here.  The training gives me confidence.  It allows me to understand not only protocols, but also how best to help these dogs to meet their specific needs.

Second, they work with you.  Before I worked one hour in the shelter, I sat down with volunteer supervisors to voice what I was passionate about, and they did their best to fit the work to what I desired to do.  And they offer classes to help meet your goals.

Third, they include you.  I feel like part of a team, not just some volunteer who clocks in the time.  And when I work with a dog, I’m not alone.  I am in conversation with staff and volunteers on how to best approach that specific dog’s needs.  I can leave at the end of my shift knowing that the dogs I spent time caring for will be cared for every day until they find their forever home.


The forever home is definitely the goal with these animals, but the journey along the way is definitely hard for them.  As a volunteer, I really feel like I make a difference.  If you have been on the fence about working with the SPCA, I would suggest that you go for it.  I don’t think you will regret it.


*I was not asked to write this post by the SPCA.  I just decided to because I love sharing my passions with you!

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