Five Things to Do at the McKinney Oktoberfest (that don’t include beer)

My husband’s family just went home yesterday.  They came up to walk in the annual Alzheimer’s Walk we have done every year for the past six years.  This was the first time all of our family has walked together.  I just want to thank those of you who helped us with donations this year.  We are truly blessed with amazing friends and family. You can read my sister-in-law’s post of the weekend here.


After the Walk, we went that afternoon to the McKinney Oktoberfest.  Different parts of Dallas have Oktoberfest during different weekends, and McKinney happened to have one this past weekend.  I’ve always connected Oktoberfest with beer, but it’s so much more than that.  So here’s my top five things to do.

  1. Listen to some authentic music.  There were all kinds of music options throughout the day.  When we were there, we managed to grab some polka!

2. Eat a giant pretzel.  Something I always like to partake when we go to the festival.


3. Watch some fun dancing.  I didn’t get any video, but here are the dancers in their authentic German outfits.


4. Share some German doughnuts.  The apple dip was so yummy!


5. Drink root beer from a big mug.  We bought a mug at a Wild Bill’s before, which meant we had a discount and free refills.  Very much worth the investment!


Of course there are several other things there that we didn’t do, like ride the Ferris wheel or do a little shopping in the kiosks that line the streets.  Or you could just find a bench and people watch.  There is something to do for everyone.

And something special that we did at this particular Oktoberfest was drink Hawaiian coffee.  Now I realize that this doesn’t sound like a German thing to do, but it was so worth the visit.  Pacific Tradewinds Coffee was hosting a tasting of their Kona coffee at the festival.  They had three hot brews and one cold brew.  And they were so amazingly good.  My favorite was the Bombay Bluebonnet India coffee.  It had a chocolate aftertaste.  So good.


We had a great time at the McKinney Oktoberfest.  I think we have been a few times before, but I hope we can make it an annual tradition to come back next year.  Or maybe we can visit some of the other festivals in the DFW area.   Either way, I know that we will be in for a treat!  Can’t wait!WP_20150926_044

Have you ever been to Oktoberfest?  What is your favorite part?


5 thoughts on “Five Things to Do at the McKinney Oktoberfest (that don’t include beer)”

  1. Hey look! Christopher (‘s shirt) made it into one of the photos! #familyrepresent

    Yeah, it was a bummer that we missed the dancing, but it was so cool to see them all in their traditional clothes. And of course Tony & Marty created some dancing of their own which was even better. 🙂

    I’ll have to send you some of the photos of the boys from the festival. I have a great shot of Michael that makes me laugh every time I see it (he requested it not go online otherwise I totally would’ve posted it in my blog post today).

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