2015 October Update

September was a whirlwind of crazy.  I didn’t do so well on the goals this month, but I did start some new things, so I’m going to give myself a bit of a break.

A Better Relationship with God

  1. Take time each morning and night to spend with God. – I did not do this every night.  Between travel and a lot of work events, this unfortunately took a back seat to my day.  And to be honest, I really felt the difference.  It just gives me renewed motivation to stick to this plan for October.  On the other hand, I did start writing more on my blog in September, so my actual writing time didn’t diminish.

Honoring Marriage

  1. Have prayer times specifically directed about Michael – Funny enough, since my time with God decreased, so did a lot of my time for prayer for Michael.  We were in survival mode in September, and as the month started to slow down (which has literally been in the last three days), I find our conversations and my prayer time increase again.

Living A Healthier Life

  1. Live a more active life – Did a LOT of walking this month.  I think in one day in DC, we walked 20,000 steps which is a little more than a 10K!  I had some health issues this month, though (including a nagging sinus infection I’m dealing with now), so I will be glad to get back into a routine in the month of October.

Get The House in Order

  1. Work on projects set aside in the kitchen, library, and master bedroom – Since we finished a major project in August, we didn’t do much in September.  I do hope to get something done in October, though!  We may push one of the projects into next year.

Being Involved in the Community

  1. Volunteer with the SPCA– I didn’t have a lot of time to work with the SPCA, although I did volunteer with them when I was in town.  I missed fostering, and I’m ready to get back into it soon!

Developing Personal Time

  1. Schedule a pamper/relaxation time each month– I had a facial in D.C., which was okay.  But I also got my house professionally cleaned, which was SO nice!

October is here!  And according to the forecast, we will be out of the 90 degree weather for a week (hopefully for the rest of the season!).  I look forward to pulling out my scarves and coats again.  I realize it probably won’t be October, but I hope it’s soon!


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