Selling Some Coral Goodies

I’ve mentioned a few times that my husband is a saltwater aquarium enthusiast, referred to in the community as a reefkeeper.  In fact, it was one of the reasons we went to Washington DC in September.

I might be a bit bias, but I feel like the saltwater community would back me on this, my husband is really talented at keeping a saltwater aquarium, as well as buying and growing great coral.


And his five gallon tank he started with has now turned into a 40 gallon display tank, as well as a frag tank that is 60 gallons.  Frag tanks are used more like farming.  Basically this is how it works.  Michael goes to places called Frag Swaps where he buys very small pieces of coral that he grows out in one of his tanks into a colony.  Once it gets big enough (or too big) he can break it up and sell the pieces to other people who will grow out those pieces in their tanks.  Sometimes people also will sell if they want to take their tank in another direction and the coral they have might be aggressive to the coral they want to get.

Usually, Michael goes to Frag Swaps to buy, but last weekend, he sold some of his coral for the first time.  First, he carefully planned for weeks how he would set up and price the coral he wanted to sell.  Then, he set up the day of, which took about an hour.


Once the lights were set up and all the frags were set into the racks, it was on.  And he didn’t just sell these coral.  He was giving advice on the best lighting and position that would help the purchased coral to grow.  He also actually swapped some corals with other people, so he lived up to the name of the Frag Swap.  It was really cool to see Michael in his element.


I helped with the money and carrying things in and out before and after the swap.  Other than that, I wasn’t much help.  I’m good if I can name some of the major species!  There were other sellers there who were quite impressed with Michael’s set up, surprised that this was his first time.  I am one proud wife of this amazing and awesome husband pursuing his hobby.  And I look forward to seeing him continue to grow in this hobby even more!


Does your husband or do you have a hobby that you are passionate about?


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