A Rowdy Foster

So, I have another foster.


At the shelter, he is super stressed.  He’s lost weight, and he shakes all the time.  The only exception is when he is outside.  He loves to play with other pups and runs around.  He’s like a different dog.


He’s pretty playful here, both inside and outside.  We have a lower energy level here, so it gives him space to orient himself.  Although he still prefers outside where he can run, he is progressing pretty well.

He’s still not a snuggle baby yet, but he gives us kisses when we feed him or change his water.  He feels comfortable hanging out in the living room, and will follow Michael and I at a distance.  I hope by the end of his stay, he will feel more comfortable interacting with humans.  That’s the point after all!

Have you every worked with a skittish dog?

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