Something Festive This Way Comes

I finally got up all my Halloween decorations this year, so I thought I would show them to you.  I usually don’t have anything new until after the holiday when I can get them severely discounted.  Last year, we didn’t get a chance to put them up, so I was happy to finally get them out this year.  Michael saw the Halloween box of decorations out this week, and he was pretty excited.  So, here’s the decor set up this year.


I got the figurines from Hobby Lobby last year, and I think I got the owl in the middle from Hobby Lobby too (you might see that Hobby Lobby is a running theme in my decor).


Both the pumpkin and the BOO sign are from Hobby Lobby.  (The tissue box is from Walmart, if you are wondering.  And I now love decorating the tissue boxes this way after my cleaning company experience in September).  Also, this is the piano I inherited from my great grandmother.  I don’t think this was her exact one, but she left money in her will for me to purchase one as a teenager, and this is that piano.


The scarecrows and the Halloween sign are both from, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby.  But!  The owl, I bought at a local mercantile a couple years ago.  It’s probably my favorite Halloween find.


Everything surrounding the pumpkin were gifts from friends, but the pumpkin is from….Hobby Lobby!  You probably guessed that, didn’t you?


And finally, at the end of our tour, we have the front door wreath.  I made this probably three or four years ago.  It was one of those Pinterest crafts that I tried and actually worked out pretty well.  Wrapping the styrofoam wreath was a pretty long process, but I’m happy with the outcome.

Do you have a favorite Halloween decor?


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