Tips to Adopting a Dog

I haven’t been to the SPCA in a couple weeks, because I’m fostering this dog.


However, the last time I was there, I managed to work with a few dogs, and some of them have already been adopted!  The turn-around rate at the SPCA is pretty fast.  I’m only able to go in once a week and I’m always seeing a slightly different group every week.  Some pups stick around longer than others, but they all seem to find their forever homes.

If you are thinking about adopting, I can give you a couple of tips.  The shelter can be taxing on even the best dogs.  It’s hard to know the real dog when you only see them under a high stress situation.  One suggestion would be to ask to see the dog in different environments.  The SPCA where I volunteer has a garden, a play yard, indoor meet and greet rooms, and the kennels.

I have seen dogs behave completely different outside versus inside, or even just being moved to one of the private indoor rooms, away from the noise of the adoption floor.  Going into different environments can give you some idea of how the dog will do in your home environment.

Plus, the staff interacts with these pups the most, so they are also a huge asset in learning more about the dog you want to adopt.  Ask them questions.  Tell them about your lifestyle.  Are you looking for a running buddy?  Or are you looking for a dog to play with your kids?  Each dog goes through a behavior test when they come in, and are continually monitored by behaviorists, behavior volunteers, as well as medical volunteers and staff.  If they have been fostered, then the foster will usually have more information about how the dog did in their home.  So don’t forget to ask and be open to suggestion.  You might just find your new best buddy!

I’ve learned so much from working with the SPCA.  But my favorite part is getting to be a part of these dogs’ lives on their way home!  This post isn’t sponsored, I just love this organization so much, and the dogs here are so well taken care of.  If you are looking for a companion, I would encourage you to check out the SPCA at  You never know just who you will find!

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