Halloween Memories

Okay, a couple of full disclosures and then on to the more fun memories.  First, I didn’t take a lot of pictures this weekend, but we did a lot of fun things, so the post may be lacking in photographic proof.  Second, I am right now acknowledging that this past weekend was kind of a doorway into a darker period for me.  I distinctly remember being pregnant this time last year, thinking about what this year would be like with my daughter in tow.  And it has left this weird hole in everything I see around me, like I’m in another dimension or something.  Plus, the memories are just going to get darker as this new month progresses.  My daughter’s birth/death is on Thanksgiving day this year, and it’s only beginning to process in my mind.  I can tell because almost every experience right now is through the filter of “but my baby is gone.”

But this past weekend wasn’t just a horrible, terrible experience.  I had a lot of genuine fun times.  Friday night, I hung out with my missional community to do pumpkin carving.  I used clay modeling tools to help shape my pumpkin.  The finish product was this.


Michael also carved a pumpkin.  He carved it for a boy at the party, so we didn’t actually get a picture of the finished product because it went home with the little boy, but here is Michael carving the pumpkin.


I got him that awesome pumpkin shirt for the party specifically.  I thought it was appropriate.

Saturday, we went shopping a lot.  I got paid for some dog sitting that I did last weekend, so I wanted to go ahead and buy some clothes for the colder weather.  My body has changed so much this past year, that it was time to just buy new clothes.  We went to Outback Steakhouse for lunch, and we splurged and got some Halloween desserts.  Michael got the milkshake and I got the “dirt” cup.


Earlier in the week, I asked for advice on which movie we should watch for Halloween.  The consensus was Hocus Pocus, which I found out Michael had never seen.  When Walmart didn’t have it, I went to Target on the suggestion of Facebook friends.  The Target I went to, according to the website, only had five copies.  And the aisle it said it would be on didn’t have any movies on it.  So, I searched through the movie section of the store to no avail.  Then, as I was shopping for other things, there it was laying on a shelf by itself!  Kismet!  So we got to see it this weekend after all!


Then, that evening, we sat on our driveway to hand out candy.


Our neighbors joined us, but we quickly realized that there weren’t a whole lot of trick-or-treaters coming through the neighborhood.  So, about 8, we closed up shop (leaving the bowl of candy out for any stragglers), and headed out to eat with our neighbors for an impromptu double date (something we have been wanting to do for a while).  The girls even got gussied up, and it was a lot of fun.  I didn’t get any pictures however, but if we go out again (which I’m sure we will), I will try to be more intentional with the pictures.  We were just having so much fun that I forgot!

How was your Halloween this year?  Do you watch a particular movie or have any traditions?


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