November Week in Erin Condren Planner

Here’s how the first week of November has gone so far:


Monday, I was home sick with a migraine.  And this was the first migraine I have had this bad.  It came with nausea, vertigo type feelings, the whole enchilada.  However, despite the Monday migraine, the rest of the week has been more productive!  Also, this month, I decided to use some of the Erin Condren stickers from the back of the planner to keep track of my blog posts, as well as blog posts for work.  Since this will be a busier month than last month, I wanted to make sure I made time to write!

Just as an aside, I use the planner to plan out my week and month, and then use it retroactively as a scrapbook.  I use a more detailed plan on my phone using my Todoist app for my daily tasks.  I might be a bit obsessed with planning, but it really helps me keep on task.  Without it, I’m quite the scatterbrain!

Here are the stickers I used

Washi Tape stickers: Planner Kate

Checklist, Weekend and Full Box Stickers: Paper Rose Planning (plus the bird, owl and other little stickers were bonus stickers in the stuff I got from her).

Sun Star Stickers: Adorkable Stickers

Laundry and Grocery Stickers: Inktropolis on Amazon

Paw Print Stickers: Graphics and More on Amazon

Have you ever had a migraine?  What do you do to make them go away?  What are your favorite November stickers?


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