Decorating for Thanksgiving

I want to show you a few pieces from my Thanksgiving décor, but first, I think it’s pretty obvious that Thanksgiving gets lost among the Halloween and Christmas decorations in the stores.  In one of the local Walmart stores, I think it managed to get an end cap in the crafting section.  And I kind of have a heart for the little guy, the overlooked, so that’s probably why I’m pretty stubborn about waiting until after Thanksgiving day to actually pull out the Christmas decorations.  I just want the holiday to have a moment in the sun.

So here are some of the pieces I put out this year.




Just like Halloween, I think all of these are from Hobby Lobby, although I’m not sure where I got the bottles on the mantle.  I like the theme of scarecrows and pumpkins because it represents the harvest and provision that God gives to us in our lives.

Also, there aren’t a whole of songs about Thanksgiving.  But in one of my old children’s songbooks, I actually found one!  So I’m playing it on the piano this month to celebrate the holiday.


Do you decorate for Thanksgiving, or is it straight from Halloween to Christmas?  Do you have any songs for Thanksgiving that I can add?


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