A Trip Home

We visited my family for Thanksgiving this year, which meant traveling from Dallas, GA all the way to Atlanta, GA.  But despite the long trip, we really enjoyed the time we spent with my family.20151126_120702

The mantle in my parents’ house.  My mom has a crafty eye for decor as you will soon find out.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, this Thanksgiving day marks the first anniversary of the loss of our daughter.  My parents were acutely aware of this and gave me a lot of space to do what I needed to do.  Instead of being around a lot of people on Thanksgiving day, my mom created the entire feast for just the four of us (my dad, mom, Michael, and me).

Then, after dinner, my mom and I crafted.  By the end of it, we had mod podge all over our fingers, but I had a great time.  Plus, I got several neat decor pieces out of the project.  Below, I did the candles with the ribbon around them.  My mom gave me the frame and the ornaments that she did.


On Friday, we didn’t do much during the day, except get our toes done, which is a semi-tradition, and one thing I hope becomes a real tradition!  There is a nail salon near her house that does spa pedicures for $17!  That is quite a deal to me!20151127_115108

The rest of Friday was spent taking down Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas.  And Saturday, we exchanged presents with my parents and my grandmother.  I don’t know if I’m completely ready for the holiday season, but it has definitely had a great start!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions or semi-traditions that you want to make official traditions?

Do you celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving with any parts of your family?



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