It’s a Holly Doggy Christmas!

This week, I had the opportunity to volunteer at an SPCA special event.  It’s called Home for the Holidays and it’s a combination raffle and dog adoption event.  It was my first experience, and we were quite busy!

Mainly, I took care of the dogs – feeding them during dinner time and walking them.  I also answered any questions that people had about certain dogs.  I stayed with the older dogs but they also had puppies there as well.  That day there were five adoptions, so it was pretty fun!

I was drawn to these two chihuahua mixes, 5-year-old Nutmeg (the brown one) and six-year-old Trixie (the black and white one).  Nutmeg was super cute.  She had this whine that sounded like a chirp, and she would stick her nose or paws out of the crate to try to get people’s attention.  Trixie was more low energy, but she loved to snuggle under my chin when I held her to take her outside for a bathroom break.

I worked with other dogs as well, but I didn’t manage to get their pictures.  I spent a lot of time answering questions.  Since a lot of the dogs came from the other SPCA site, I didn’t know a lot of their background story, however each dog had medical and behavioral notes so I was able to answer most of the other questions.


All of the dogs at the event were able to be adopted right then (the two girls at the table were filling out adoption information for the dogs who went home that day).  They were all up to date on shots and check ups.  They are also microchipped and spayed/neutered.  All they need now is for their forever families to come adopt them and take them home!

Do you work with any charities during the holidays?

Have you ever gotten a pet for ChristmasMy rat terrier was a Christmas present.


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