The Month of November

Here’s my Erin Condren Spread for the month of November:


November was a tough month, but looking at the whole thing, we had a lot of great memories.  Date nights, time with family and friends, and a lot of time with the SPCA!  Overall, it really was a good month.

The “Always in my Heart” sticker was from Hobby Lobby.  I put it over the anniversary of the passing of our daughter.  It happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year.  I don’t have a link to this sticker, though.

As for the other stickers, I got the paw print stickers on Amazon at Graphics and More.

The Meeting sticker was in a booklet that I bought at the Container Store.  I don’t know if they have this particular set online.  I saw that they had a similar one for school.

The other stickers were from Adorkable stickers on Etsy.  She made Star Wars stickers which are on my wish list to get soon!

I got the road washi tape from Michaels, and I have a few small washi strips that covered up some sensitive info that are from Gingerly Done on Etsy.

Can you believe we only have one month?

When do you buy your monthly stickers?


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