The No Spoiler Story of How We Saw Star Wars This Weekend

Originally, Michael and I had planned to see the new Star Wars movie next week for our anniversary.  I’m not a big fan of going to opening weekends of any kind of movie because the theaters are so full and noisy.  I have some slight hearing problems which keep me from really hearing dialog if there’s a lot of chatter going on around me.  Keep that in mind for later in the story.

So, last weekend, there was this online little game called Theory Wars.  It was just a little multiple choice game of what theory I had of what might happen on the Star Wars movie.  At the end of the game, you had a chance to enter a sweepstakes put on by Verizon.  Now, I don’t normally do this, like ever, but since we have Verizon, I figured they have my information anyway, and it wasn’t anything too personal, so I entered.

And I won.  Thursday afternoon, I checked my email, and there was my congratulatory message from Verizon.  Both Michael and I were hesitant because we thought it might be spam, but I remembered entering, so I clicked the link, and got two free tickets.


We headed to the mall where the movie theater was, still thinking at this point that we will be turned away at the door.


But instead, they pointed us to an empty, corded off line where we sat and waited for the Verizon rep to get there.  When she did, she handed us a $30 AMC gift card for concessions.


Michael left to do some shopping, but I wanted to make sure we got good seats, since we were there so early anyway.  So I sat in line, and it slowly started to build.  But it wasn’t growing nearly as much as the other two lines who were waiting for other showings.  See, Verizon bought out the theater, so only the winners of the sweepstakes, as well as some Verizon employees, would be viewing the movie with us.


So, since the group was much smaller, all my fears about opening day melted away.  Everyone was so nice, we all become a big family in line, so it was like having a private viewing with all my new friends.  Plus, it was in 3D which is not our first preference normally, but this movie wasn’t as in your face with the 3D as other movies we have seen in that format, so that was good too!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our treat from Verizon.  It was a great memory, and a great movie!  (Or maybe it wasn’t a great movie, I’ll never tell #NoSpoilers).

Have you ever entered a sweepstakes before?  Did you win?

For those of you who have seen the movie, are you being good and not giving away any of the plot twists?

Also, have you completed my survey?  It would be the best Christmas gift ever, if you did!


2 thoughts on “The No Spoiler Story of How We Saw Star Wars This Weekend”

  1. WHAT?!? How awesome is that??? I have never won anything in my life… Ha, ha! So I’m excited for you just thinking about winning tickets like that! 🙂

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