The Week of 2015/2016

Last week was packed full of celebration.  It started with our anniversary at the beginning of the week and ended with a celebration of a new year.

The past few years, we have had a larger anniversary celebration some time in the fall.  I love traveling at that time because it’s not quite as busy and we can get some great travel deals.  This year we went to Washington D.C. in September.

But also what has become a tradition for our anniversary is staying in a certain Hyatt hotel in Dallas and eating somewhere fancy on our actual anniversary day.

This year, we went to Bob’s Steak and Chophouse in Plano, TX.  It was amazing.  I had a filet and Michael had a New York strip.  They also gave us a card for our anniversary and these adorable pieces of cake and a candle!

Afterwards, we went to the hotel.  We have been going to the same hotel since our fifth anniversary.  We went there after coming back from a trip to Europe.  The room was so nice, the room service breakfast was so delicious, and the service was so wonderful that we have been coming back every year since.  This year, they sent up some chocolate covered strawberries and upgraded our room to an executive suite.  It was pretty spectacular.

The next day, Michael surprised me by taking me to the ICE! exhibit at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX.  It was really awesome!  I had never been to the Gaylord before, and the resort was decked out in Christmas still.  And they had a running model train exhibit in the main atrium of the hotel.  It was adorable!

The ICE! exhibit was pretty fascinating as well.  We were given these blue coats to wear because it was literally freezing.  They have different themes, and this year it was “Christmas Around the World.”  The entire exhibit ended with a gorgeous, life-size nativity scene, all in glass-like ice.  Simply beautiful!

After the exhibit, we ate some sushi and did some shopping, just spending some quality time together.  It was just phenomenal.

For New Years Eve, we had a game night at our house, and then watched the ball drop at midnight.  Then, on the first day of the year, we started it with a walk with the pups.  Then, we went to Studio Movie Grill and watched The Big Short.  It was fantastic, and I highly recommend it, even if you are like me and don’t really follow the economy.  It’s already up for awards and has an excellent cast.

It was a great start to the New Year, and I look forward to seeing what else is in store for 2016!

Do you have any traditions for the New Year?  Did you do anything on the first day?  One of my traditions is to make New Year goals, which I made a video about that you can see here.

Have you seen the Big Short?  What did you think?  Did you see any other movies lately that I should definitely see (whether in the theaters or on DVD)?



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