And We’re Back!

Because of all the travel and holiday craziness, I’ve missed a couple of weeks working with the SPCA.  Almost all of the dogs that I have worked with have been adopted, and there is a whole new set of pups there now (plus puppies who will soon be on the adoption floor).

I have been trained to do several things at the SPCA.  I work with dogs at the shelter and in fostering in my home who have anxiety or shyness.  But I also work with potential adopting families, answering questions about the dogs, as well as take the dogs out after dinner for one more walk before bed.

This week, I was walking with this dog after dinner when a family came in to see her.

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Her name is Tiger Lily, and her brindle coat looks like tiger stripes.  While they didn’t adopt her that evening, I know she will go to a home soon.  She is fun and full of energy.  We played with her in the big play yard.  She has the best time running around and leaning into people for quality petting.

I didn’t manage to get pictures from any of the other dogs on the floor, but I checked the website and some have already been adopted today!  It makes me so happy to know that these dogs spend so little time on that adoption floor before going home with their families.  Even Tiger Lily has only been on the floor for a few weeks.  I know she will find her home soon!

Do you do volunteer work?  Did anyone make a new year’s goal to get involved?  I did that last year with the SPCA and it has been an amazing experience!

2 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

    1. Katy Post author

      Aww! This makes my heart happy! I think Jerzee is excited for your new addition as well. We need to have a playdate soon!


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