Our First Hike…Sorta

One of my new year resolutions is to go on a hike every month.  This past Saturday, we planned to do just that.

We picked a trail that was a little over two miles.  When we arrived, there wasn’t a parking lot, so we parked in a nearby residential street.  Most of the trails are near residential areas, so this is very common.


So we set out walking in one direction on the path.  We passed a golf course with a bridge.


We thought the trail was going to turn towards the bridge, but instead it went into a neighborhood.  Thinking the trail would pick up soon, we set into the neighborhood.  And that’s when we saw her.


She was outside on the corner, alone.  She kept darting into the street while cars slowly drove around her.  She wouldn’t get close to anyone, kept running away with tail tucked.

As far as the hike, we figured we took a wrong turn, so we headed back towards the path we originally took.  The dog followed us at a distance.  We thought about calling animal control simply because they have equipment to catch dogs like this, who are scared and won’t come near anyone.

Then, a woman came out of her house and offered some doggie treats and a leash to help catch the dog.  So, I sat on the ground, avoiding eye contact, throwing treats near me and then closer to me, until she was eating out of my hand.  I could finally see her tag.  Her name was Olivia.

I got the leash on her, and walked her back to our car.  Originally, we were going to take it to a Vet ER (because most regular vets are closed at this point on Saturday) to see if she had a microchip.  There was a number on the back of her tag, but the numbers were rubbed off.  But, while I was catching her and walking her on the trail, Michael talked to the woman who helped us.  She said that the dog probably belonged to a family at the corner where we found her.  So we drove her back there and reunited her with her family.

I’m so happy that the dog went home so fast.  It was pretty cold that day, and would get even colder that night.  I’m also thankful for the woman who offered to help because I don’t think I would have been able to do that without her.  As far as the hike, we decided to try again in a couple of weeks.  It’s amazing that the wrong turn we had taken would still lead us to quite an adventure!

Have you ever taken a wrong turn on a hike?

Do you stop to help lost dogs?



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