We Went to a Book Launch

We had a incredibly fun Saturday this weekend.  If you missed my Sunday video about National Popcorn Day (which is this coming Tuesday), check it out here!  But after that excursion, we headed to our very first book launch.

Michael and I are very blessed to have a number of incredible people that we call friends.  One of those friends is Anna Davis, who just published her first science fiction book called Open Source.  Saturday night, she hosted a book launch at a local Dave & Busters.  It was so fun.


Please forgive the pictures shot with my phone.  The restaurant was dark.  There was a raffle for these gift baskets, and then they set up a table, and she signed the books.  Of course, I bought one and had it signed. (Of course, I’m reading it now!  And loving it!)


The book is called Open Source.  It’s a future where the world has accepted having neurochips implanted in their head, except for one man who has to navigate the world without one, until his best friend is kidnapped and he is injected with a refurbished chip in his own brain.  You can buy it on Kindle or paperback on Amazon.

I couldn’t be happier for her and everything she has accomplished.  She is an amazing person, and I am blessed to have her as a friend.  Congrats Anna!


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