I’m still fostering the puppy from last week, although he’s going back tomorrow.  When I am fostering, I don’t go to the SPCA those weeks because my hands are full with the pups at home.  So I thought I would take a moment and share my favorite doggie instagram feeds this week.  I mean, who doesn’t want their feeds to be filled with adorable dog pictures?

Even in my own news feed last year, dogs dominated my pictures.

But here are just some of my favorite #DogsOfInstagram that I follow, in no particular order.

I tend to gravitate towards the dog owners that have similar breeds to my own.  While @dane_queen typically shows off their gorgeous Great Dane pups, every now and then their Rat Terrier makes a cameo.


@andrewknapp takes gorgeous pictures of landscapes as he travels around the country with his pup in tow.  My favorite part of his pictures is that his puppy will actually hide in the background of the landscape, making it a Where’s Waldo (or where’s Momo in this case) game.  Can you find Momo in the picture?

@animalphotosbysaracoe is a gorgeous mix of pictures of various breeds and crossbreeds (aka mutts) in different scenarios.  I wish I could print some of these for my wall.  Plus, this particular dog reminds me of my childhood puppy.  So sweet!


@andreaardendogtraining is a dog trainer, Andrea Arden, who takes pictures of the dogs she is training.  She will even on occasion give training tips.  But seriously, the blue eyes on this husky….I can’t even.

And last but not least, @rudy_theboxer.  This is another breed owner who takes pictures of their dog like @great_dane.  Rudy is simply gorgeous with the brindle coat.  And just look at that face!  We have our own brindle boxer mix, so I like connecting with dogs like Rudy.

Of course, there are a lot more dogs that I follow on Instagram, so I may do a follow-up post sometime later in the year.

Do you have an Instagram?  What kinds of things do you follow?  And are you following me (@katyslifestory)?

Do you follow any doggie instagrams?  I’m always looking for more!



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