8 Things I Do When I’m Sick

About once or twice a year, my sinuses attack the rest of my body leaving me sick for a few days.  And when I get sick, it’s pretty horrible.  My sick hurts when touched, my throat, ears and head throb, and my nose struggles to breathe.  I swing between fatigue and dizziness.

Usually it is due to crazy changes in the weather, and truth be told, not really taking care of myself.  I stay up way past my bed time.  I let healthy eating slide to the wayside.  That plus a myriad of other people in my life who have gotten sick in the past week has created a perfect recipe for disaster.

So, this week I’ve been sick.

Luckily, I have a completely understanding work family who let me stay at home to sleep most of the illness off.  Plus, I have an amazing husband who will bring home my sickness necessities.  So, I thought I would share with you the 8 things I do when I am sick.

  1. Sleep.  Sleep is the body’s way of rebooting, so I try to sleep throughout the day, although spending the entire day in bed doesn’t help either.
  2. Take a hot bath or shower.  One of my friends recommended this.  It’s taking the hottest bath you can stand while drinking the hottest tea you can stand.  It does help clear the sinuses a bit.
  3. Drink Sleepytime Tea.  It’s an actual brand of tea that advertises as a sinus soother.  It really works for me.
  4. Eat Soup.  Hot and sour soup from a local takeout Chinese restaurant is most preferred.
  5. Open the windows.  I usually do this the second or third day of illness.  There is just something so important about getting fresh air circulating through the rooms of my house.
  6. Vitamins and allergy pills.  On a normal day I take these, but when I’m off my schedule due to being sick, it’s so important to not forget them on these days too.
  7. Drink OJ.  Or really anything with extra vitamin C.
  8. Snuggle with Nurse Jerzee.  My puppy who never leaves my side during any illness or recuperation.  She really knows how to remind me to take it slow, especially when I’m close to feeling better. I’ll leave you with a picture of her during her latest nurse duties.



What are some things you do when you are sick?

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