Valentine’s Day

A few things happened this weekend.

My husband graciously did a video with me to help me work towards my New Year goal.  (Hint: If you want to see my videos as soon as they come out, subscribe to my YouTube channel…I don’t know if I will always post them on here!)

Then, we went to a fancy dinner at this place called Del Frisco.  We didn’t get pics of our amazing steaks, but we did manage to snap a shot of our dessert.

And on actual Valentine’s Day, we exchanged gifts.  I got my husband some rock for his aquarium and he got me this bangle bracelet from Etsy.


By the way, the pic on the left was one of the snap chats I did this weekend.  If you are on snapchat, you should follow me at katyslifestory.  I try to do updates every day.


And finally, we did our Valentine’s tradition last night of going to blizzards at Dairy Queen.  As we have gotten older, our blizzards have gotten smaller, but it’s still a tradition I cherish.  I mentioned it last year as well in a weekly check in.

Do you have any annual traditions with your friends or family?

What did you do this weekend?


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