My February Bullet Journal

I have a bullet journal for my daily planning and I absolutely love it.  It’s something that can be as simple or as creative as I want to be.  I simply bought a graphing composition notebook from Walmart, and I use pens and colored pencils inside.  I also use inspiration from other people who use the bullet journal technique that I find on pinterest.  All of that said, here’s my February bullet journal technique.


This is the upcoming week, before I really start planning.  I used a lot of the techniques shared by Kara at Boho Berry for February.  I like the weather forecasts as a graphic used to break up all the writing and the time line at the top of each day as an overview of how  my day is broken up.  Plus, I really like the graphic under each of the days.


Here’s an earlier week that is finished.  Some of my own additions are the sections for my meetings and the meal plan sections in each day.  I like looking at my day to consider my meal plans, so I incorporate them into each day’s section.  Monday and Tuesday are set up like Wednesday and Thursday with sections at the bottom for meetings and my grocery list.  Friday through Sunday all fit on one page.

My bullet journal is so much fun, and it’s getting quite worn because I take it with me everywhere.  I love the use to color and being able to color through the week if I want to.  I like the flexibility and I have some planned adjustments for March already!

What is your favorite journal technique or paper planner?  Do you prefer digital?






12 thoughts on “My February Bullet Journal”

  1. This looks beautiful- I love boho berry, too! I wish I was as good at drawing as this- that is why I haven’t done a bullet journal yet, but I do want to try it…I use the happy planner! 🙂

    1. Oh geez! I totally trace! I used other planners in conjunction to the bullet journal, but I kept gravitating towards the bullet journal.
      Speaking of, I’ve never heard of the happy planner, do you have a link?

  2. Your bullet journal is awesome! I just started one and I’m afraid I’m not very good at it yet. I think I need to find my style and preferences for keeping track of it. I haven’t given up yet! Thanks for sharing your journaling technique! Looks great!

    1. My January was a hot mess. I am sticker obsessed as well, but I used them in my Erin Condren planner (which I use like a scrapbook). Thanks for the comment (and compliment)!

  3. I love your bullet journal! I have a Plum Paper Planner but more and more I’m getting interested in bullet journaling. Someone recommended a hobonichi to me but I like this idea – plus it saves a lot of money 🙂

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