Bathroom Organization

One of my new year goals is to work on my daily rhythms, starting with my night time routine (and essentially affecting my other daily routines as well).  One of the ways I am working towards this goal is organizing the spaces that I use during these routines.  So, the first space I organized was my bathroom sink area.

This week has been crazy with a lot of pet sitting (more on that next week), so I didn’t use my normal camera set up.  Instead, I used my phone which surprisingly does a pretty good job.  So, here’s a video tour of my new organization.

I am really excited about the Routine Trays in my master closet.  I’ve been using them for about a week now, and I love them.  It’s less time trying to gather things in the morning when I’m in a rush or at night when I want to go to bed.

I’m also a big fan of the shelves.  I like how clear and simple everything is.  I tend to get overwhelmed when there is a lot of clutter, so this kind of decor/organization is really helpful.

How do you organize your space around your daily rhythms?

Are you a morning or a night person?


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