Pet-Sitting for Spring Break

On Monday, I wrote about framily, and in particular the family we have in community.  One of those families is our neighbors the Jenkins.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives.  They have three amazing kids and they are such wonderful instigators for activities in our neighborhood.  I have had a blast knowing and living life with them.

Sometimes, when we go out of town, their son (and sometimes daughter) will watch Michael’s tanks and our dogs (if we don’t bring the dogs with us).  We also watch their dog, Lexie, when they go out of town as well.  It’s great to know that we have neighbors who look out for us.  We are very blessed to have all neighbors around us.


Recently, I got to watch their sweet dog.  Her fur is like a teddy bear.  And when she runs she kind of hops.  It’s adorable.  It was rainy all week, so when she would come back in from outside, we would dry her off with a microfiber towel.  We loved watching this pup (and taking care of the tanks that their son has, Michael has rubbed off on him!).

Do you watch your neighbors pets/house/kids?

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