In Case You Were Wondering….

I feel like I announced my pregnancy and then dropped the mic and walked away which was never my intention.  But a series of unfortunate events caused me to take an unscheduled hiatus from blogging, so let me catch you up to speed, timeline-style.

March 27th – My last blog and Easter.  We had friends over that day for lunch and had a great time.

March 30th – I came home from work with a sinus infection, which included a low grade fever.  Michael came home early from work to take care of me and I stayed home the rest of the week, sick in bed.

April 1st – Both of my eardrums ruptured due to the fluid behind my ears and the pressure.  The doctor gave me an antibiotic and ear drops.  I temporarily lose a good deal of my hearing.

April 8th – After returning to work this entire week, on Friday, I was going to try to see an ear, nose and throat doctor for my ears.  Instead, I wake up with my first bouts of true morning sickness.  I can’t keep anything down.  I call my OB who send in a drug to my pharmacy.  The pharmacy doesn’t fill it and I spend all day trying to get through to the pharmacy to figure out why.  When I finally get through, I find out that my insurance didn’t cover it so they just didn’t fill it.  This is after my OB office closed.  Luckily, we have an after hours emergency line and the doctor calls in another drug that is covered and I finally get relief that evening.

April 9th – Our organization’s big annual Celebration and Benefit that I had spent the year helping to coordinate.  Armed with my drugs, I went into the event fine.  Then, we ate at this one restaurant with the team that I’ve had bad experiences with in the past, but it’s been a decade since I’ve eaten there.  I was careful what I choose to eat, but by the time we got back to where we were hosting out event, I started having extreme adominal pain.  I’m allergic to pork which is usually easily avoidable but not, apparently, that this restaurant.  I spend the majority of the night in pain until the reaction is over.  Luckily, my husband was there to take care of me.

April 15th – The next week, I discovered some light spotting which had never happened in a pregnancy before.  I called the OB when it started happening, and they said that some spotting is fine.  But when it continued, they scheduled me in to see the doctor earlier than my first real appointment.  They set me up for a sonogram, and we got to see a flicker of a heartbeat.  Everything was fine, and we go back to the OB soon for our first “real” appointment.

Last week, we went out of town for a little vacation and family time.  I will write about that later this week.

So that has been the month of April for me.  I would like to recognize the amazing things that happened this month.  First, my husband is incredible.  He left early from work when I was sick and when I had to go get the emergency sonogram.  He has been a rock to me this month.  Plus, he has kept the house clean, the laundry done, the yard work, meals.  Whatever I was unable to do, he did.  And he didn’t complain.  He never let me feel like a burden.

Then there is my OB clinic.  I can’t speak enough good words about this place.  Whether it was an after hours call for medication or the emergency appointment, they were sympathetic always.  It is such a blessing to have doctors who not only know what they are doing but have been there.  Infertility.  Miscarriage.  They have been there.  They don’t question my fears but they work to relieve them.  I know a lot of women understandably go to a different clinic when they lose a child.  But I know that if that were to happen to me, I would want to stay in the supportive environment that I have at this clinic.  It really does make a difference.

And finally, there is my job.  I was a little wary about how this would work during my pregnancy, especially during this first trimester which was rough for me the first go around.  But I have such a supportive team that prays for me and celebrates with me and gives me the space to just be pregnant.  I am so thankful for that.

I hope to update you on a more consistent basis.  All I want to do when I’m not working or getting that basic things done around the house is to sleep.  I’m sure after I get through the rest of this trimester, that things will start to pick up.  Thank you for checking in with me!




7 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering….”

  1. Thanks for describing your journey in detail. Becky and I are praying for you.


  2. I am so glad you posted this update. I have been concerned but did not want to intrude. I will come and stay with you anytime until Michael gets home. I can be there in a jiffy. You do have my phone number I assume. ????

  3. Wow – what a month! I’m happy to hear you and baby are doing well! 🙂 It sounds like you need some time to pamper yourself!

  4. I’m so happy to hear of your pregnancy! My heartfelt congratulations! I’m so glad to read of all your support – your husband, your clinic. Makes such a difference to be and feel supported on this journey.

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