My Family Visit to Florida

I might still be hit or miss when it comes to a regularly scheduled blog posts.  I’m feeling much better this week, but it’s a slow uphill climb.

However, I did tell you that I was going to write about my trip to Florida.

So, this story started when I was younger.  My family lived 8 hours away from extended family, so the time we spent with them was really special.  One of those family members was my cousin Lisa.  She would come up to visit my grandparents about the same time my family did although it wasn’t every year.  She is four years older than me.  I looked up to her like a big sister, always wanting to do what she was doing, even repeating things she would always say, like “Yeah, Buddy!” when I got excited.

Well, life got busy for both of us.  I went away to college and she got married and had kids, eventually moving to Florida.  After I got married, the trips to Atlanta were fewer and it was hard to connect like we did when we were kids.

Last year, when my grandpa passed away, all of the cousins came for the funeral.  While the event was somber, it was wonderful to catch up again.  So, this year, Michael and I decided that we would at least go visit Lisa in Florida.  We decided to do it the weekend after busy season for Michael.  It was great to get away but even better to see and meet Lisa and her family!

Their house was so welcoming.  Her husband is awesome.  They were the best hosts.  Lisa even made blueberry pancakes (our family tradition started by my grandma) one morning.  Sunday, after church, they took us to St. Augustine.  This town was filled with adorable shops and a fort by the water.  We spent some time just people watching and looking at the ships.  If we are ever back in St. Augustine, I definitely want to check out the haunted ship and lighthouse!

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But the best part of the trip was just spending time with my cousin.  We caught up on all the family stuff.  I got to know her sweet boys and her husband.  It was simply a wonderful visit, and I hope to do it again sometime!


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