Lightening It Up a Bit

After a pretty heavy month both for our family and for the rest of the world, I thought I would do something a little lighter to celebrate reaching the milestone of the 24-week mark in my pregnancy.  In my last pregnancy, this point was when we found out we had lost our daughter, and she would be stillborn just a few days later.  But in this pregnancy, the heartbeat is strong, and there is a reason to celebrate.

So, in this post, I thought I would do one of those typical pregnancy updates.  Just a check in.  I found this online somewhere and thought it would be fun to do, so here we go!

❊ How Far Along – 24 weeks today!

❊ Baby Size Comparison –A Large zucchini (and in the last MFM appointment on Friday, they estimated she weighed about 1 pound and 5 ounces.

❊ Symptoms – I have occasional heartburn, but the biggest thing I’ve had to deal with is something called pubic symphysis disorder or pubic diastasis.  Basically, my pubic bones are stretching out a little too early in this pregnancy, and it causes pain when walking, standing up from sitting, or rolling over in bed.  I go to physical therapy once a week to try to strengthen the muscles surrounding these bones and it has gotten better.  I still have my bad days when I do too much during that day or the day before and end up in pain, but those days have lessened since going to physical therapy

❊ Physical Changes – I’ve definitely moved to maternity clothes and belly bands.  I have one pair of jeans that still fit, but that will probably not be the case in a few weeks.

❊ Sleep – I don’t get up every night to go to the bathroom, but I do wake up if I have to roll over in bed because of the pain from my pubic symphysis disorder.  There have been some nights (like one or two that I can remember) that I slept hard on one side of my body all night.  I tend to go to sleep about 9-10 pm and get up about 6:30-7 every morning, even on weekends, but that’s been my MO since before the pregnancy.

❊ Food Cravings – I don’t know if I’ve had just a whole lot of cravings during this pregnancy yet.  In my first trimester, I ate halos (the small clementines) like candy, but I was also sick for the month of April and craving the vitamin C.  This trimester, I’m always up for fish tacos or seafood (I only eat the seafood with the lowest mercury levels).  It’s not something I absolutely have to have, but if we go out to eat, I’m always on board for it.  I have been drinking a lot of water and iced tea, but that is probably due to the triple digit heat.  When I was growing up, I would get dehydrated very easily because I couldn’t read the signs that I needed to drink water, and I would forget.  In this pregnancy, I feel tuned into that need a lot more.  I have a glass or bottle of water around me, and I actually drink it all the time!

❊ Food Aversions – Chicken, especially at home.  Like, I’ve had a Chick-fila sandwich and one from Wendy’s but they have to be spicy for me to eat them, and I’ve only eaten each of these once so far in this trimester.  The thought of grilled or roasted chicken makes me gag.  Also, if people start listing foods or talking about food, for some reason that makes me feel nausea.  Usually, if we are going out to eat or if I’m preparing the menu, it’s just better if I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it or Michael just take me to the place we are eating and I order the same thing.  It’s probably more psychological than anything.  Also, I haven’t been able to finish a lot of my food when I order it.  I’m not ordering large amounts of anything, but I guess my stomach just doesn’t have room for a lot of food in one sitting.

❊ Looking Forward To –Baby registry.  This month, we are finally going to set aside some time to make a list of the things we need.  We had already begun accumulating some of the basics for our nursery in our last pregnancy, so there are some things that I don’t have to worry about this time around.  In our last pregnancy we started this process a lot sooner, but for anxiety’s sake, we decided to hold off until we passed this milestone.  My nesting instincts are in full swing, however, and I’m ready to get started on it.


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