Baby Lists and Registries

This is my third blog post in one month.  Considering the past few months, I would say that this is quite an achievement.

Yesterday, my husband and I walked through two stores over the course of five hours with little scanning guns in our hands.  In my opinion, baby registries are more overwhelming than wedding registries.  Although to be fair, the last wedding registry I did was 9 years ago and I had been living on my own for two years.  Also, this is a big milestone for me.  It’s an active acknowledgement of faith that we have a baby coming soon.  And some days, that’s a harder thing to wrap my mind around than other days.

Still, I know that some of you have been patiently requesting this registry for at least the last month.  And there is an interesting new tool that is available to me this time around that I want to share with you (and I’m not sponsored by them, just really impressed).  Let me walk you through our process.

First, Michael and I headed to Babies R Us because we both like to see the products we are requesting, especially testing out strollers (this was a big one with Michael).  We also like Babies R Us because we get 10% back on any purchase made off of our registry, and a 10% discount on anything left on our registry, which will help with big-ticket items especially.

Then, we headed to Target just to get a little variety in products and brands.  We didn’t add many things there, and mostly stopped there for a Starbucks pick-me-up.  We headed home after that, and that’s where the new tool comes into play.

So, as soon as Pinterest figured out I was pregnant or at least baby obsessed, I started seeing these ads for Babylist in my feed.  It starts with a cute little quiz that takes some basic information about my lifestyle and suggests a registry list that might meet my particular needs.  Then, I can use the list or one of my own to set up a registry on this site.  Not only that, but I can merge all the other registries I create onto this site too.  Not only that, but it will actually show the prices on other sites for the same brands and products on my registry so that the purchaser can find the cheapest option.

We merged Babies R Us and Target’s registries into the database on Babylist added a few more things from Amazon, and also added some unique options that Babylist provides too (like Babysitting Coupons and Used  Baby Clothes under the heading “It Takes A Village”).  You can also put up requests for people to donate to various causes.

The only caveat we have is that we don’t get the perks from Babies R Us unless you make sure you are buying it under our registry.  So, I’m not sure that just clicking the BRU link from Babylist will guarantee you will buy it with our registry number (which is 58503271), That being said, the perks of having it all in one place far outweigh the issues.

The link to our Babylist registry is  You are in no way obligated to get us anything, it’s just that this has been requested by multiple people.  And this is the easiest way I could think of to get the information out to everyone who has asked.  I also wanted to share this with my preggo friends as well.  This is a pretty neat option to use.

Have you ever used a registry (baby or otherwise)?  What are some of your favorite sites?




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