Grief Hack

I love a good life hack.  It’s probably the biggest reason I have a Pinterest.  Anything I can learn that could make my life run a little more smoothly or help me with a problem I’m having, I’m all for it.

In dealing with grief, I have found something that has helped me through all of my losses.  A sort of grief hack, if you will.  I realize that everyone grieves differently, but if it worked for me, then it might work for someone else too.

It is gratitude.  When I am at my darkest point, it helps me to look for the glimpses of light.  It’s not very easy in the moment, which is why I need to practice before the darkness comes.  So, I write every day in a gratitude journal.  I write five things that I am grateful for that day.  It could be a simple as sunshine that morning, or specific like something fun I did that day.  Then, when grief comes, I still look for my five things.

It doesn’t make my life bright necessarily, but it helps my life become bearable.  It helps my perspective.  It allows me to acknowledge the blessings in my life.  And if I acknowledge my blessings, then I can acknowledge the One who sends me those blessings.

I know this is probably obvious to most people, but I wanted to share just in case.  There are lots of other things that help me through my grief as well.  Your encouragement is definitely one of those things.  Thank you for walking through this with me.

Do you have anything that has helped you through grief or loss?

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