Dr. Strange and the Moviehouse & Eatery

Michael and I went to the Moviehouse and Eatery on Saturday night to see the new Marvel movie, Dr. Strange.

M&E has been open now for about a month, and they still have a few kinks to work out.  But the food was absolutely delicious.  I had one of their seasonal dishes – shredded beef and rice bowl.  It was advertised as spicy, but it wasn’t very spicy.  It was good, though.  Michael had the carnitas street tacos, which he enjoyed.  I am allergic to pork, so I couldn’t try them.  We also ordered an apple cake which was pretty good.  It was a smaller portion than we thought it would be, not really for sharing, so we each only got a couple of bites.  Still, we ate pretty well.

The movie was excellent.  A lot of people have said that it is visually stunning, and it is.  The CGI quality is above and beyond.  It wasn’t my favorite Marvel movie, but the plot was entertaining.  I like Benedict Cumberbatch.  I see him as more of a drama actor, but he was pretty funny in this movie.  There were some violent scenes (like the car accident) but a lot of it was slowed down (since the movie was about time and time manipulation), so somehow it seemed a lot less graphic to me.  There wasn’t a whole lot of romance in the movie.  It seemed forced or underdeveloped to me, although I do think McAdams and Cumberbatch had some chemistry on screen.

There were a lot of connections to other Marvel universes.  We’ve been watching Agents of Shield this season, and I love how seamlessly the TV show works with the bigger movies.  In the TV show, the main plot is about retrieving this book that reveals knowledge on how to create matter from nothing.  In the movie, a major plot point surrounded a collection of books that revealed advanced practices in mysticism.  There were also some hints to Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers throughout the movie.

I would recommend the movie.  It’s fun, entertaining, and part of the Marvel universe.  And I think we will go back to the Moviehouse at some point, too.  The food and atmosphere is great, and I’m sure they will work the kinks out soon, and then it will be phenomenal.

Do you have a favorite place to see movies?

Have you seen Dr. Strange?  Are you a Marvel fan?


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