A Day At the Arboretum

Last Saturday, Michael and I went to the Dallas Arboretum Botanical Garden. I have been looking forward to seeing their fall exhibits and the holiday exhibits were up too.

We took our camera and snapped a few pictures.  The entire place is just so beautiful and romantic.  In fact, there was a wedding and a few bridal shoots happening while we were there.  Of course, I didn’t snap any pictures of their private moments, but we may have stood and listened to the preacher speak about love and the importance of community as he blessed the new couple’s marriage.

In addition to taking pictures, I did make a small video which went up on my YouTube channel yesterday

This was the first time I have seen their 12 days of Christmas exhibit.  Each day is represented.  It was a lot of fun walking around the gardens trying to find all twelve.


My favorite features are the creeks and ponds that run through the gardens.  I love the calm sounds of the running water.  There were a group of ducks on one of the ponds.  And I love the infinity pool that empties into White Rock lake.

It was a gorgeous day.  The temperature had cooled quite a bit here in Texas, but the sun was still shining. Even though we spent hours walking around, there are still so many things we haven’t done yet (I really want to try the tea room and see the exhibits in the spring). We had a wonderful time, and we hope to go back again soon!


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