A Weekend on my Phone

This past weekend, we did a lot of little things.  I did a little pet sitting over the weekend for a neighbor and a friend.  So I got to snuggle with adorable pups.

The one that I’m holding actually stayed with us.  Jerzee gets along with her very well, but when she first comes over, she’s never sure what to make of the new, temporary pack member as evident in my snap chat Friday night.

I think Jerzee is more snuggly when friends sleepover. That’s how she shows her jealousy, which I don’t mind one bit!

Then, Saturday, we had to take the car in for a check-up, and we were listening to Christmas songs, and this happened.

Yes, I’m one of those people who lip syncs or belts out the songs.  There might have been dance moves on the next song.  Michael puts up with me well.

That afternoon, we did a bit of shopping, and I got this adorable tree from Target for our kitchen.


It’s by Threshold, which I’ve been loving that brand lately anyway.  Plus, it was at a discount, so win-win.

And then, Saturday night, Michael and I brave the freezing (literally), windy weather to see Fantastic Beasts at Studio Movie Grill.  The movie was really good, and we definitely are putting this franchise on our list of movies to see!


See how I’m bundled up?  When we left the theater, it was 28 degrees outside!  The weird thing was that the morning temps for Saturday were well in the 60s and easily were short sleeve weather.  The temperature change was drastic!

Finally, we ended our weekend Sunday night by playing board games with our friends.  I played Splendor and won.  Then, I helped someone new play 7 Wonders.


It was a fun weekend.  Now, the plan is just to get through this week to spend Christmas with family next weekend!

How was your weekend?

Do you follow me on Snap Chat?  I post there every now and then, but if you post on Snap Chat, I would love to follow you, too!





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