Happy New Year

Happy New Year, friends!  Here’s a little video I made about the way I’m doing New Year goals this year.

This year, because of the reasons I listed in the video, I’m not going to do year long resolutions or goals.  Instead, I’m taking this year in bite-sized month-fulls.  This means that while there are areas of my life that I want to improve throughout the year, I don’t want to make goals that will take all year to achieve.  I want to, instead, make goals that can be accomplished in a month.

So, I chose four areas of my life that I want to improve – Spiritual, Health, Home, and Online/Writing, and then I have a fifth Bonus category to add something else I might want to accomplish.  Then, for the month of January, I chose a goal to achieve in each area.


So, spiritually, I want to start a “Conversations with God” journal which is a little bit of a looser version of a combination prayer and gratitude journal.  I want to write in this journal every day this month.

For health, I want to incorporate strength training three times a week into my workout schedule.  I’m going to use an app called Sworkit to help me accomplish this goal.

For home, I’m going to clean out our ‘catch-all’ coat closet downstairs, inventory and organize what’s in there, and purge what we don’t need.

For online/writing, I’m going to try to blog every day this month.  Instead of doing three videos and three blog posts a week, I’m going to focus more on writing posts this month and incorporate video here and there.

And for my bonus goal, I want to volunteer with the SPCA twice a week.  I know that I will have to step back from this organization if and when I get pregnant, so I want to dedicate time to the SPCA this month especially.

What are some goals that you have made this year or this month?  If you have written a blog post about it, please share a link down below!




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