A Simple Way to Organize Paper

I know that some day I will probably be 100% digital when it comes to organizing, but I still tend to rely on papers somewhat when I do my planning.  Whether it’s confirmation emails or recipes that I have found, I like to have a paper back-up available just in case digital can’t come through.

So, I recycled an accordion file folder that I used to use to organize my planner stickers (I had to upgrade to make room) to make a system that could maintain all of the papers I use through the week.  Here’s a video about this system.

I really enjoy being able to keep all of my papers together.  I’ve even begun using post-it reminders that I attach to the papers for small tasks that I think of in the moment.  True story, I left my phone in my bedroom and I was planning the week.  I needed to make an appointment for one of my dogs the next day, so I put it on a post-it, attached it to the recipe for that day, and the next morning, there was my reminder!  Until digital can account for my forgetfulness and scatterbrained limitations, paper is going to be a part of my planning process!

Do you still use paper for certain parts of your planning?  Do you have any tips or tricks to share?  Or do you have an app that helps with scatterbrained planners?


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