Dogs at the SPCA


As one of my new year goals for the month of January, I’ve been volunteering at the SPCA twice a week.  I wanted to show you some of my favorites over the last week or so, and what it’s like for a lot of the pups that go through this shelter.


This is Captain Hook.  Yes, he came in with that name.  He is 9 months old.  He’s an absolute sweetheart.  I’ve shown him to a couple of families, and he’s incredibly gentle and loving to young kids.  The only problem that keeps cropping up is that he has separation anxiety.  He doesn’t like to be in small places, so a crate isn’t the best place for him.  His previous owner said he can be quite destructive if he is put into a crate.  I know that there is going to a be perfect family for him.  One that will be able to be around him most of the time and provide him with wide open spaces for him to play.


This is Tank.  He’s a gentle, sweet pup, but incredibly shy in the shelter environment.  He’s a little older (5 years) which sometimes can make it harder to find a family.  He’s also heartworm positive, but as with most pups like this at the SPCA, the treatment is covered for whoever adopts him.  He loves to be petted.  During one visit, I sat with him in his kennel and he laid his paws on my leg while I was petting him.  He loves the attention.  His lower energy and kind spirit would be a perfect addition to any family.  He’s great around dogs and kids as well.

I worked with these two dogs the most this past week and a half, basically because all the other dogs were being adopted so quickly!  Turnover is pretty high at the shelter.  I did work with some other dogs/snapped a few pics of dogs that were adopted quickly.


This is Harley.  He was a Boxer/Mastiff.  He reminded me a bit of Scooby doo.  I was drawn to him because he reminds me of my own Brindle boxer mix, Loco.  Except that he is a lot big and stronger!  I walked him around outside on the one day it “snowed” here.  I felt like he was walking me!  But he was still quite gentle.  He never once pulled hard.  I’m so glad he was adopted to a good family.


Of course, puppies don’t really stay in the shelter very long.  This litter had nine pit bull mix puppies.  When puppies come through, all of the litter share names with a certain theme.  Sometimes it’s a TV show, or each name starts with the same letter.  This particular litter was named after salads and parts of salad.  Crouton, Blue Cheese, Mandarin, Tomato.  It was pretty adorable, although I’m guessing that the families who adopted them probably didn’t keep those names.

I am so glad that I can volunteer for such a loving organization.  Every time a dog or cat (or rabbit or ferret sometimes) gets adopted, the whole building celebrates.  Each animal is cared for by the veterinarians, vet techs, behaviorists, staff, and volunteers.  I hope that Tank and Captain Hook find homes perfect for them soon.  Until then, I know that they and the other animals will continue to be loved!

Do you adopt from rescues?  Have you ever volunteered for a rescue organization?

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