National Popcorn Day: Sassy Popcorn

Last year for National Popcorn Day, I visited the Mom and Popcorn in Downtown McKinney.  I wanted to do something different this year, so I literally just googled “Popcorn store” and found out that there are a lot of stores in the DFW metroplex.  So, I’m going to attempt to visit one each year on National Popcorn Day.  This year, I went to Sassy Popcorn in Allen, TX.

Here’s a little video montage of the store!

The Review

This store seems to be really entrenched in the community.  It sold a lot of sports team buckets and had a valentine’s day display already in the front of the store.  There were lots of jars of candy in the middle of the store that you can buy separately or add to your popcorn.

They had six specialty popcorns – three nearby cities and three named after people.  I bought the Plano from that list.  I also got the Dr. Pepper from the candy list.  They had cheesy and savory options as well, but I was in the mood for something sweet.


I bought the smallest bag which was still about 7 inches high.  This is plenty of popcorn for Michael and me.  The Plano was butter and caramel which was an interesting mix that I think Michael will like.  The butter popcorn pieces were soft while the caramel pieces were crunchy and slightly more overpowering to the butter, but the hint of butter was just enough.  The Dr. Pepper was sweet, but not too strong of a taste.  I think it will be a nice snack without feeling sickly sweet afterward.

Also, I asked the guys working there if they had any dietary specialty popcorns.   I know that popcorn is naturally gluten-free but I was worried about additives.  One of the guys says that his mom can’t have gluten, but she is able to eat their movie time butter popcorn and their jalapeno ranch popcorn.  Of course, I didn’t see anything specific that said it was gluten-free safe, but he said that she has never had a reaction (he also had other restaurant recommendations for gluten-free options which made me feel like he was pretty knowledgeable about the disease and what you can and can’t eat).   The menu does indicate on the bottom a food allergy warning as well.

I experienced great service and the prices were really good.  Mom and Popcorn had more of a vintage feel to it, while Sassy Popcorn was more just a straightforward popcorn and candy shop.  Still, if you are in the Allen area, this was a neat store to explore and great popcorn to eat.  Definitely, check it out!



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