I just can’t today, and I’m sorry

black-and-white-person-woman-girlI’ve been working on some posts, but they need a little bit more time to simmer, so I’m going to leave that to next week if you don’t mind.

This weekend has been hard for multiple reasons.  Reasons, unfortunately, I can’t completely express.  But the one thing I can share is that we said goodbye to our Loco yesterday.  We spent the whole evening before with him, holding him and loving him.  And all morning until his appointment.  It was a check up on his kidney numbers, but we knew that it wasn’t looking good.

Thank you for all the sweet comments and prayers for our lovable buddy.  He was a good dog, and he will be missed.

But that wasn’t the only sadness I experienced this weekend.  I don’t know if it was losing our dog or whatever else was going on in our lives, but Saturday morning, I had a panic attack.  I used to have them a lot in college, but they hadn’t happened for a while now. This one was full force, couldn’t breathe, I felt like I was underwater and drowning.

Funnily, my dog Jerzee had no idea what to do, but she definitely tried everything.  She barked in my face with her high, worried bark, and licked the tears off my face until I was calm again.  She hasn’t left my side since.

Thank you, everyone, for reading and commenting and being such good friends. Tomorrow will be a better.

3 thoughts on “I just can’t today, and I’m sorry

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