Celebrating Sundance

Right now, the Sundance Festival is happening.  Some day I hope to go and be a part of the festivities, but there are a couple ways I can participate from my home.  Since I’ve been sick this week, it has really given me an opportunity to indulge in some Sundance Favorites.
Netflix and Amazon Prime have been showing some of the Sundance films from past years.  I watched Love and Friendship on Amazon Prime (it was no extra charge since we have Prime).  The movie is hilarious.  It is based on a Jane Austen novella.  It’s very clever and quirky.  The dialog is amazing, and the settings and costumes are gorgeous.  If you get an opportunity to see this film, I very much recommend it!

Also managed to see Dear Mister Shakespeare, by Phoebe Boswell, one of the shorts for this year.  Some of the shorts for the present year are posted, although most didn’t really interest me, I did love this video inspired by Othello.  It’s breath-taking and beautiful, and the imagery is enchanting.

Some day I hope to make it to Sundance, but I’m thankful for the opportunities to see some of the nominations right in my own backyard!

Do you follow Sundance?  What are your favorite genres?


3 thoughts on “Celebrating Sundance”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Sundance but never did. Me and my husband are from Utah. Now we are in upstate NY and can’t! I’m kind of regretting I never did!

    1. It is definitely on our bucket list! I’ve never been to the Southwest portion of the US, so there is a lot of things from there that I want to see. Do you have any must see places in Utah? Or even upstate NY?

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