National Video Game Museum

Last Saturday, Michael and I went to the National Video Game Museum in Frisco, Texas.  We didn’t know what to expect, but it had excellent reviews, so we checked it out.

The museum is at the Frisco Discovery Center.  When we arrived, they were doing science experiments outside, and when we left, they were setting up for a birthday party, so it’s a pretty busy place.  But we were there for the games.

The tickets were 12 dollars, plus tax.  Not sure what the tax was for, but it came out to $25.98 for the two of us.  They also give us four tokens to play in the arcade at the end of the museum.

The museum, itself, takes you along the journey of how video games have evolved over the years.  How they started out with Magnavox Odyssey and ended with the newer systems like Xbox and Playstations.  I remember having an Atari and a Nintendo NES, so it was fun to see those consoles again.

But it also went through how video games have evolved from console games to handheld to computer games, and how gaming has made an impact on the culture at large.  Throughout the museum, you can have a chance to play on some of the older systems.  I played on an atari, and Michael played Oregon Trail on a very dated computer.

At the end of the museum, there is an arcade full of some of the pretty popular games like Galaga and Pac-man, as well as some shooting games and even Frogger.  The museum then ends with a little gift shop.

It was really fascinating to see how far the gaming world has come in just the last 50 years. It has even inspired us to find an arcade nearby to play games again!  Here’s a video overview of the museum:

Do you consider yourself a gamer?  Did you have a console or favorite game growing up? Mine as a kid was Donkey Kong, but I also love Zelda and Mario too!


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