A Small SPCA update

I’m so excited to be sharing this post.  Back in January, I shared a post introducing Captain Hook and another post with an update that he was still available.  This sweet guy has been waiting for a home since he was surrendered in December.  The major deterrent in his case was his separation anxiety.  The dog just loves humans.

At the SPCA, they don’t have a limit on a dog’s stay, but they aren’t considered a no-kill shelter because they will euthanize if the dog has a serious medical or behavioral issue.  And the behavioral issue has to be pretty serious and destructive.

Captain Hook is an excellent example of how far the SPCA is willing to go to care for and rehabilitate behavioral issues in dogs.  He has been in the home of the behaviorist as a foster to see how he does in the home and overnight.  He has been given anxiety medications prescribed by a vet to help with the stress.  He has even been giving weight management food, fed three times a day, to help him gain weight after a serious loss of weight due to diarrhea due to stress.

And one of his issues was a crate.  He would rip the crate apart, injuring himself in the process, if left alone in one.  So, while he was on the adoption floor, he was given parts of a crate to sleep in so that he would slowly be desensitized to the fear of being in one.


And, whenever he was being looked at by a potential family, it was required that he would speak to a supervisor to make sure they understood his special case.

Well, on Monday, during my volunteer shift, a couple came in to look at him.  A supervisor spoke with the couple as they interacted with him in the play yard.  Then, the couple looked at another dog and seemed to really be engaged with the other puppy.  Like many times before, my hope for a home with Captain seemed to be fading.

But then!  The couple asked to see Captain again, and this time, they decided they would adopt him!  They were willing to work with him, train him, and love him!  I was so happy and thankful to be a part of this adoption and see Captain go home with his family!  I cannot express enough the love that the SPCA staff has for each animal that comes through those doors, and the celebration that happens when one of our special animals finally meets their family forever.


I’m so thankful to volunteer at this organization and to be a part of uniting pups with their families.  Congrats Captain!  I know you will be well loved!

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