Happy National Almond Day!

I don’t celebrate every weird or wacky holiday, but I wanted to use this day as an excuse to try to make almond milk for the first time.  I’ve seen it done on YouTube and TV several times, so I wanted to try it for myself.

I made a video of my first try ever, and it was really quite easy.

I used the instructions from the kitchn.com, but they are pretty much the same wherever you go.

So, basically, I put almonds in water and left it in the corner of my counter for about two days.  When I drained the almonds, the skins came off pretty easily, so I just removed all of them, put them in a blender with two cups of water on high for two minutes.  Then, I strained that mixture through cheesecloth and a strainer, squeezed the cheesecloth until the liquid was completely out of it, and then put it through the strainer again.

In the video, I mention that I would probably add sugar, but after tasting it, I realized I didn’t need sugar at all.  Leaving it to soak for two days made the milk so creamy that it was great on its own.  I can’t wait for Michael to try it when he gets home.

Have you every tried to make almond milk?  Do you celebrate any of the wacky, weird, or foodie holidays?


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